The pursuit of perfection

Over the last few years, I have sold my house, moved, launched my full-time business and left a job I held for over a decade. With all the change in my life, I have both my motivational days, and my exhausted days. All this change has led me to thinking a ton about happiness. Am I completely happy, […]

5 Day Reboot (and lose a few lbs) Plan

#1: Why 5 days? 5 days is just enough of a stretch without feeling unattainable. The hardest part is day 3. All the cravings will kick in this day but if you know you only have 2 more days, you’ll have a better chance of pushing through the cravings. #2: Hold Off – Whether you are “allergic” or […]

What is your STRESS trying to tell you?

Stress – that dreaded feeling of being overwhelmed, tense, irritable and fatigued. There are ways to say goodbye to it and live your life feeling less dragged down. Here are 3 tips, that when put into practice repeatedly, can really help decrease the burnout. Make friends with stress. Most of us try and fight stress. We get […]

“Fly High” with Energy While Traveling

Fight Fatigue While Traveling Whether vacationing or traveling for work, time away from the daily routine can be tough on those wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Eating out, splurging, drinking, and bug-infested airplanes can really mess with the immune system. After returning from a 2 week trip to Greece, I was excited to share […]

#1 Way To Kick Stress To The Curb

Love your adrenals!! Yep, the tiny little glands located at the top of your kidneys. They are responsible for stimulating your nervous system to respond in times of intense stress. Say you see a bear while hiking in the park; the adrenals stimulate the flight or fight response in your body to run, and fast! […]