Productive or Wasting Time?

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Or that the way you manage your time it less than optimal?  4 Techniques to Increase Productivity  Step #1 – Clear the Clutter – How organized is your desk, car, kitchen, garage? Research shows that your physical space is a direct reflection of your productivity. […]

How do you Manage Conflict?

How does Conflict affect you? How comfortable are you with conflict? How does it show up in your daily life? Do you avoid or run away from it? Or maybe you face it, but you become defensive or stressed out? Conflict is a disagreement, collision, opposition or struggle for power. This word alone can leave […]

Release the Burnout, Be Limitless

Overwhelmed? Over booked? Burning the candle at both ends? Why do we have so much tension, anxiety and stress? Is it the schedule? The kids? The boss? Finances? How do we get our lives back on track and live life to our full potential? There are many ways to stop the burnout that go beyond […]

Leadership Crack Head: Addicted To Your Smartphone?

Why Are We So Addicted To Our Phones?  I see so many people who are seemingly addicted to their smartphones! It truly makes me wonder some things… I wonder what the average daily count is of people checking during dinner,while driving, in a meeting, on the phone with someone else? Ever meet someone who is texting while engaging in a conversation with […]

The Pros and Cons of a To Do List

Make your to do list powerful! With our bustling lives how do we stay organized? After all, gone are the days when most business interactions where done from a pay phone or certified mail. The expectation now is that we respond to emails instantly and return calls in between meetings. Creating a to do list […]