The Limitless Leader

Professional (Skype or Phone) Coaching to Create your Leadership Legacy!!

You’re busy, determined, passionate and determined to grow your professional and personal life by leaps and bounds.

What you weren’t expecting during your journey was the stress of trying to balance your work and personal life, the societal pressures, corporate politics or the frustration of launching your business or team.

Many professionals, when they get to where you are, feel drained, pressured and overwhelmed by the smallest things because of the weight of responsibility on their shoulders.

They feel confused on where to go next and may even feel stuck in their current situation.

Their LinkedIn profiles are impressive but they are not completely fulfilled with what’s going on in their lives. Worst of all, they feel guilty or defeated  admitting this.

The key is to ask yourself……How do you want to be remembered? 

What do you really want life to look and feel like?

Most Successful Leaders want  to create rewarding outcomes, financial success and  to inspire others with their talent, passion and unique message.

You deserve to live in the moment while feeling Clear and focused about the future.

You deserve to be Resilient and not succumb to the stress, pressure and change that surrounds you.

Most importantly, you deserve to be Limitless and create your best, most rewarding professional and personal life.

In the Leadership Legacy Series, one-on-one coaching or workshops, Val gently guides clients to create lasting, rewarding change in their professional and personal lives. 

Join Hundreds of “Limitless Leader” Professionals that ….

  • Doubled their financial success
  • Created a Motivated and Inspired Team Culture
  • Led themselves and others to Optimal Performance
  • Removed Barriers to Success
  • Found their Dream job
  • Struck a perfect work/life balance.

Why invest in one-on-one coaching?

Val attracts clients that know they are ready for something more. They are typically, driven, bright professionals that keep striving for a  more successful life. They know that life is short, and they want to create the most fulfillment they know possible. They know they are really good at what they do but are not an expert in everything. So, they look to surround themselves with the best for continual accountability, inspiration and support right away.

Finding an empowering coach, is no different than going to the Doctor, restaurant or having a glass of wine. Val’s clients want to find the best healer, experience and distinct glass of wine.

As a Certified International Coaching Federation Accredited coach, Val comes with the experience, tools and passion to partner with her clients for immediate success. Her clients trust her to help them take their personal and professional life to the next level.


Val is a great listener and coach…she guided me through some very difficult issues which allowed me to become aware of how they were holding me back from what I really wanted in my life and my business. Her ability to get me to look at things from a different perspective was invaluable and helped make a huge shift in my life!  - Greg Hidder, Entrepreneur

Wow! Before I began working with Val my mind felt cluttered with the constant pressure of my job. Now my confidence is higher, my focus is sharper and my decisions are more calm and powerful then they have ever been before. The results have been extremely rewarding. - Bryan Lorfing, Sales Executive

Val is an outstanding coach. The moment I sat down with her, she made me feel instantly at ease, as if we had known each other for years. Because she is highly intelligent and extremely perceptive, she was able to give me the tools I needed to manage my stress and optimize my mindset within the first session. Val is very passionate about her work, and demonstrates generosity with her time and energy. I can say with confidence that she is a key player in many of my successes over the past year. Thank you Val!   - Jamie Saunders, Architecture 


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Val Ries, RN, MBA, ACC, ELI-MP

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