What is your STRESS trying to tell you?

Stress - that dreaded feeling of being overwhelmed, tense, irritable and fatigued. There are ways to say goodbye to it and live your life stages of toastfeeling less dragged down. Here are 3 tips, that when put into practice repeatedly, can really help decrease the burnout.

  1. Make friends with stress. Most of us try and fight stress. We get frustrated with it, which only perpetuates the cycle of it. We can see it as “bad” which leads us to complain, be distant with significant others or even snap at our children. The reality is that we ignore the signs that stress is giving us!It’s like a pogo stick jumping up and down trying to get our attention and yet we are just annoyed it’s there and then we try and dart around it!  What if stress was a gift and an opportunity to realize something profound? The beauty of it, is that it is trying to tell you something; “What is the gift in your stress? How might your stress be a friendly wake-up call? What is it hoping you will notice and take care of??  
  2. Strengthen your foundation. Many of us pile stuff on to an already weak foundation, creating a more overwhelmed life. Think about building a bridge. If your foundation is weak, eventually the crosswalk and ramp will completely collapse. It’s important to ask yourself. “What needs to be strengthened or resolved FIRST before moving on to more things?
  3. Trust  - I know that can be tough for us Type-A overachievers who like to be in control. Trying to control everything however is impossible and just adds to more burnout. What if life was happening exactly as it should? What if you could Trust yourself? Trust your gut? Trust that there is a lesson and opportunity in every situation? How might that help you relax and move about your day?

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