Take a Break and Meditate

Val’s very own recorded 15-minute meditation for internal rebalancing, relaxing and healing. It’s OK to stop and take time for YOU to reset, rejuvenate and feel the instant benefits of improvement in various physiological areas. Download MP3 for instant access.
Music by David Paul


Leadership Guided Journal

Feeling stuck, stressed or confused? This guided journal is great if you are not ready for individual coaching but ARE ready to release stress and create your ideal leadership. This guide is broken down into 6 different topics on Visioning, Goal Setting, Values and Leadership. The questions asked allows you to tap into your inner leader and explore what you really want in life. The outcome –  start creating the life you really want NOW. Over $650 coaching value for $12.99. Download your very own PDF and get started right away.


“Ready, Aim, Captivate”

Hear from Val, Deepak Chopra and over 80 motivational authors on how to shift your life forward, balance success at work and maintain happiness at home. A proceed of this book will be donated to the Braille Institute, empowering visually impaired people to live fulfilling lives. Great inspirational gift for yourself or loved ones!

$24.97 Paperback

 $19.99 download