Beat The Seasonal Blues

Summer is a time for outdoors, late evenings and lots of sunshine. When the seasons change it seems so does our mood, energy levels and ugh – happiness!! Here are some tips to stay energized, focused and happy even when the days get shorter and weather gets colder

Rejuvenate with these 8 tips

  1. Add pep in your step with a tsp of apple cider vinegar in your water every morning or for a quick pick me up before hitting the gym. Apple cider vinegar is very alkalizing and adds a natural burst of energy.
  2. Enjoy fresh lemons in room temperature water throughout the day. Lemons aid in digestion and build the immune system with natural bioflavonoids.
  3. Use a dry skin brush before showering daily to increase circulation and detoxification to keep motivation soaring
  4. Decrease the amount of electronics immediately before bed to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep so you have the strength to get up and move those muscles even when it’s chilly outside
  5. When the days and sunshine are shorter, try adding 1,000 IU’s of Vit D to your daily routine
  6. Fight food cravings, irritability, brain fog, fatigue and/or tension with a yeast or parasite cleanse. Yeast overgrowth and parasites release toxins in the blood stream that can slow you down and contribute the seasonal blues. Check out Nutritionally Energized if your not sure which one to try
  7. Add more garlic and onions to your veggies to keep viruses at bay
  8. Manage your stress and energy levels with a coaching session. Check out the Recharged Leader for more information on the Power The Live The Best Version of Yourself!!

What’s your favorites way to keep the seasonal blues at bay? Would love your comments below….

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