Productive or Wasting Time?

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Or that the way you manage your time it less than optimal?

4 Techniques to Increase Productivity 

Step #1 – Clear the Clutter – How organized is your desk, car, kitchen, garage? Research shows that your physical space is a direct reflection of your productivity. If your life feels unorganized, start with slowly removing anything that is messy, in piles, collecting dust or shoved in a corner.  You may instantly feel lighter and more focused

 Step #2  – Release FOMO – This is the need to overcommit, overbook and overextend yourself for “Fear of Missing Out”.  I have seen this control people’s lives.  They want to say yes to everything, check email every 2 seconds and be everywhere all at once.  Unfortunately, they then feel tapped out, unproductive and unable to prioritize their more important daily tasks.

Step #3 – Reengage Often I hear my clients say they are “lazy” or “unmotivated”. After further digging, we come to find out that they are just not happy with their current situation. This is not necessarily laziness but could be disengagement. After all, why would you want to spend your time on something you don’t like? Aligning your actions with your vision can really help.

Step #4 – Drop the Guilt – You deserve down time, and no, you are not missing out if you take time for yourself. We think that if we are not “doing” something, we are unproductive and not valuable. The reality is 1 hour of alone time can be enough for some to recharge the batteries, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

Alright, hope these help and of course “reply” and share your comments. I would love to hear how you balance success without the stress.

To your productivity,

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