Release the Burnout, Be Limitless

Overwhelmed? Over booked? Burning the candle at both ends?

Why do we have so much tension, anxiety and stress? Is it the schedule? The kids? The boss? Finances? How do we get our lives back on track and live life to our full potential?

There are many ways to stop the burnout that go beyond yoga and meditation. It seems most stress comes from our inner critic and inhibitions, which then leads us to compensate by “doing” more so we can “be” more.

This then leads to a perpetuating cycle of not feeling enough, adding more to our plate to compensate, feeling more exhausted, then not feeling enough, adding more to compensate and feeling more to exhausted all over again.  Can anyone relate?

Wait, unfortunately it gets worse.

When we start compensating for our frustration, tension and worry, we stop listening to our inner knowledge, we stall taking purposeful action. We lose our creativity; we begin to second-guess ourselves!!

We then start looking for answers all around us; asking others for advice, getting more certifications, joining more clubs, listening to more webinars.

How do you break the viscous cycle?

1st Trust YOU ARE ENOUGH – Nobody can take your power away but you. Confidence (which decreases stress), starts with the belief that you are enough. What is stressing you out right now? How might you not be feeling enough? What actions do you take to feel better about yourself that may not be serving you (complaining, overeating, analysis paralysis)? What makes you great now? Just the way you are.

2nd Release JUDGEMENT. Sure, you may want to take your career to the next level, make more money, lose 10lbs, and meet your soul mate. However, taking those steps from a place of judging yourself, this situation or others (I’m not enough, they are not enough) will only leave you comparing, frustrated, blaming others and constantly chasing more.  Releasing judgment is so freeing!!!  It alleviates so much burnout when we give up the notion to be right. What would releasing judgment on yourself and others open up for you?

3rd – FOCUS on WANT – Too often we focus (and judge) what we don’t like and don’t have. If you believe in Law of Attraction, well then you’ll understand that we keep attracting what we focus on. So the 3rd step to break out of burnout is to focus on what you want, not what you don’t like.  What do you want your ideal (job, relationship, body) to look like, to feel like?

What if you let go of all the things burning you out; fear, resistance, feeling less than, judging and blame. What would it look like LIVE YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL, TO LIVE LIMITLESSLY?

I would love to hear your comments below.

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