Val is a fabulous coach! Val helped me understand myself so much better. She gently guided me to see my blind spots  and  understand what was holding me back from my  goals. In just a month I can feel the difference and I feel happier and more calm. I do not criticize myself much anymore, and that is HUGE! If I do, then I catch myself much sooner and choose to use the tools that Val taught me. She is excellent, passionate and brilliant at coaching! I highly recommend you hire her if you want your business and life to improve.

 Lauren W – Holistic Chef. nowheatnodairynoproblem.com

Val is an outstanding coach. The moment I sat down with her, she made me feel instantly at ease, as if we had known each other for years. Because she is highly intelligent and extremely perceptive, she was able to give me the tools I needed to manage my stress and optimize my mindset within the first session. Val is very passionate about her work, and demonstrates generosity with her time and energy. I can say with confidence that she is a key player in many of my successes over the past year. Thank you Val!

Jamie Saunders, Student

Wow! Before I began working with Val my mind felt cluttered with the constant pressure of my job. Now my confidence is higher, my focus is sharper and my decisions are more powerful then they have ever been before.

Bryan Lorfing, Sales Executive

Val is a great listener and coach…she guided me through some very difficult issues which allowed me to become aware of how they were holding me back from what I really wanted in my life and my business. Her ability to get me to look at things from a different perspective was invaluable!

Greg Hidder, CEO

For many months I’d been feeling low on energy, my coping abilities were at an all time low. I attributed these feelings to external circumstances that I felt I had no control over. She coached me towards a plan that was tailored to my goals and comfort level. Within weeks i was feeling better, I now have more energy and focus than I’ve had in years. Val’s abilities go beyond what is taught in school, she is a natural coach and her intuition and empathy allow her to truly hear and inspire you.

Lara Kalush, Nurse Practitioner

Val’s ability to understand my stressors and help me succeed was invaluable. I loved the techniques she used to help me create work/life balance. Her depth, perception and intuition makes her one of the most talented executive coaches I have ever worked with.  

Yana Bekker, Director of Cost Accounting